Want the low down on Greg Jennings? One word: Gamble.

You know how you win your league? Gambling.

This is an opportune time to snag one of the more underrated #1’s in the league. Yes he plays for the Packers and yes he has had only one huge season for a top-8 wideout. He also plays on one of the most explosive offenses we’ve seen in years.

And he’s out for at least 3 weeks.

I expect with a repaired sports hernia that its going to take longer. In the past, some guys shut it down for the year. I don’t know the severity of Jennings’ injury but what I do know is that he opted for this now because he can come back later in the season. A guy in my main league dropped him. DROPPED him…and though I may look like a simplejack down the road for holding on to him, I couldn’t resist such a gimmie. Let’s say he doesn’t come back until week 12, at the earliest. This is against the Giants in New York, a secondary giving up a ton of points to opposing WR’s. Then you’ve got Minnesota at home, a team that just lost Chris Cook, their starting CB, likely for the season. Detroit follows, then @ Chicago and Week 16 (championship week) you’ve got the Titans at home. People, this is the kind of bargain that could win you the league. Titans at home!? Trust me, that Tennessee secondary isn’t getting fixed this season.

So…the guy in your league that has Jennings is likely batting .500 or less. He or she spent a high draft pick on him and they are so frustrated right now. Their record stinks and/or Jennings is killing them. They want to unload but can’t. So…take a risk. If your bye weeks are set up right or you’ve already gotten through them for the most part like myself, send out a crummy trade that’s almost unbearable. Trust me, these owners are beyond fed up, they’ll bite. And if at first you don’t succeed, try try again.

Greg is in a contract year and is hitting free-agency at the end of the season. There is PLENTY of motivation for him to come back this year and catch some passes from the most valuable fantasy quarterback in the league.


Goodell = clueless

I’m almost upset to announce that we are at the NFL halfway point come Monday night. We don’t count Week 17 much anymore since this game has become so violent that coaches jump at any chance to pull their players early or bench them altogether. If you’re undefeated (not likely unless your league has 4 teams or you play with peeps that ride the short bus), 6-1 or 5-2, congrats and keep doing what you’re doing. It’s working. If you’re anything else, then you’re likely to be unsatisfied. Each week this blog is going to get a bit more in depth. It will get prettier, but the content is what matters and if you’re 4-3 you need me. Plus, I’m a nice guy…so I’m here for you. Read on, lovers of all things fake.

Let’s discuss Thursday night’s game first. In terms of entertainment purposes, they have been much like Vincent Jackson this year: hot, cold, hot cold. Most of my friends, myself included, don’t like these Thursday games every week. The players are coming off minimal rest, sloppy play, sluggishness at times, they’re EVERY Thursday, we are more traditionalists of Sunday/Monday games with the occasional Thursday “treat” other than turkey day, and most importantly, THE LEAGUE IS ON FX ON THURSDAY. Damn you Goodell! Damn you!!! Other than the Steelers @ Titans game two weeks ago, these games have sucked. Here’s to hoping that tonight is different.



These defenses are just good enough to have both kickers start. Blair Walsh and Conner Barth, don’t ever say I didn’t give you any love. First, for the Vikings, it is all about some AP. He has a nagging ankle injury and he limited his practice time LAST week with this game in mind. He knew, barring setback, that he was going to be healthy, but staying off that ankle is the best medicine. He came out of Sunday’s game unscathed for the most part and he is ready for tonight’s showdown. He may have his toughest matchup yet in a front four that is shutting down the run. T.B. silenced the Panthers rush attack, Jamaal Charles and Demarco Murray. Additionally, as of this afternoon D’Qwan Bowers is playing tonight, his first action since late last year. How much he is used remains to be seen, but let’s just put it this way: On 21 plays where the run was directed directly at him last year, the ypc was 1.7. This front four is about to get better. AP is always unpredictable and is unofficially at full speed post-ACL surgery. He looks great, and he is what determines who wins this game. I’m downgrading him to lukewarm. He’s going to run hard and with attitude, but he’s not going to hit paydirt. He will gets his yards, and I’m predicting 107. Ponder has looked rough his past several games, made some terrible decisions, turned the ball over and in general being ineffective. The Bucs are giving up the 3rd most points in the air in fantasy, the opposite of the run game. If the Vikes want to move the ball tonight, AP can’t do it alone. Percy is in line for a big night if utilized appropriately and often. Kyle Rudolph may look to get back to his old ways of sneaking in at the end of a half with a 3 yd td reception. Look for lots of FG’s and stalled redzone drives tonight from the Vikings.

For the Bucs, their fate rests in Josh Freeman’s arm. He has to make some plays tonight to keep his team in the game and quiet that noisy crowd. This is their first primetime game since ’08. Freeman has looked good this season, managing games better, making plays when he should and taking advantage of shoddy secondaries. The Vikings are no slouch in the pass rush, leading the league in sacks since the beginning of the 2011 season. Going up against one of the better overall offensive lines in football in the Bucs, the men in purple are going to have their work cut out for them. Great matchup to watch between the two lines tonight. Blount is apparently losing touches to Doug Martin who had his first big game last week against the Saints. Shocker. He’s going to have to contribute in moving the sticks because the Bucs aren’t mature enough to win games with a one-sided offense like the Saints do. Vincent Jackson has scored in three straight, so its time for him to be scratched off the ‘start em’ list. Seriously, bench him. Winfield still has what it takes at corner, and if he is assigned solely to him tonight, expect little production, especially on the short week. Mike Williams is a sneaky play, but he may come out struggling as well. In the end, this is going to be a tight football game with lots of hits, punts, field goals and a big play here and there. Both these teams have above average offensive lines (Bucs win that battle) and two of the better defensive lines in the league. Should make for another Thursday night, low-scoring brawler.

YES: Percy Harvin, AP, Barth, Walsh,  Vikes D

NO: Ponder, J. Simpson, VJAX, Blount, D. Clark

MAYBE SO: Freeman, M. Williams, D. Martin, Bucs D

SLEEPER: K .Rudolph




This is going to be a blowout. Weather is not an issue today like it sometimes is in Chicago. The issue is Cam. Not only does he need some fashion coaching after that sweater he was wearing in last Sunday’s postgame conference, but he needs some mental coaching as well. He’s not making good decisions on the field and he’s not saying the right things off of it. This team lives and dies with Cam, and until he shows you he’s all there, I’d bench him. I don’t think today will be any different. He and Steve Smith STILL haven’t connected in the endzone this year. They are benching Deangelo Williams in favor of a power running game with Jonathan Stewart. They are getting away from the zone-blocking in hopes of amping up a cold offense. I like Stewart when he gets a lot of carries but in Chicago against a seemingly stout defense? I don’t see this offense competing. For fantasy purposes I don’t like anything about the Panthers. For the Bears, life is good today. Expect their offense to be clicking on all cylinders. After watching them on Monday night it is seemingly apparent that the Bears are officially contenders this year. Barring injury to any major players, expect the Bears to make some noise all the way into the postseason. Cutler is different. Whether he is comfortable with the scheme, the line is getting better at pass-protection (not by much), whatever it is, things in the windy city are different this year. Upgrade Cutler and Co. against a bad, and now injured defense. This isn’t going to be much of a game from the start.

HOT: Cutler, Forte, B. Marshall, Bears Def

COLD: Cam, D. Williams, Car Def

RISK: S. Smith, M. Bush

SLEEPER: J. Stewart


SAN DIEGO     20


The Chargers defense has stepped it up at times this year. No one knows which defense is going to show up this week, especially on the road. I expect this to be a low-scoring game, with both defenses keeping the offenses honest. Rivers and Norv are not on the same page this year and people are starting to talk about Rivers losing the “elite” tag. I have to agree. He doesn’t have any true weapons outside of Gates, and even they have had a tough time connecting this season. I do like Gates in this one but don’t expect much from the rest of the receiving corp. As for the running game, Mathews still isn’t getting all of the love as he has yet to prove he can handle it. Expect more of the same this week. The Cleveland defense is much like their offensive line: underrated. Weeden will continue to look like a second or third year starter. He is improving every week, making better reads and less mistakes. I know their record doesn’t show it, but Cleveland finally has something to work with offensively. Weeden is the guy for the Dog Pound for years to come. Trent Richardson is about as promising as any rookie running back in the last few years. He has not been healthy the entire year but this guy is going to make some noise. As far as today goes, avoid him if possible. He’s got an injury I will discuss in greater detail later in another article that will linger the rest of the year more than likely. He’s going to be a nuisance at times for you. Josh Gordon is a deep threat every week. Again, don’t expect much out of this game, but you can expect it to be close.

WARM: Rivers, Gates, Weeden


RISK: SD WR’s, T-Rich, Mathews

SLEEPER: J. Gordon


SEATTLE      16

DETROIT       10

This is going to be another close game. I think Seattle and their defense pull out the win on the road at the end. Megatron continues to receive a lot of extra attention and as I mentioned in my article earlier in the week, this is not going to get any better with Burleson going down. Detroit is simply going to have to overcome the pressures if they want to contend. You have a strong-armed QB and the best WR in football. Get off your ass and make it work. If Detroit can do that today against one of the most effective defenses in the league, I’m all about it (especially since I have Johnson in my main league). The run game is nonexistent and that’s Schwartz’s fault. LeShoure can make some noise at times but I don’t expect much against this nasty D. Titus Young and Ryan Broyles, along with Pettitgrew are simply going to have to make themselves into viable threats to take some of the pressure off Calvin. It can, and should happen, but not in this game. Expect another low scoring affair from both teams. Russell Wilson continues to manage the game and get the wins for his team. He has an above average line that he is going to need against that intimidating front four of the Lions. He will be pressured, he will make mistakes as he normally does on the road, but he gets the win. It’s hard to predict any receiver to make any noise consistently for the Seahawks , but Sidney Rice might snag one today. This is going to be all Skittles. Lynch continues to prove that he is worth his contract (and DUI) by making yards after the hit and generally dominating rush defenses. I might be feeling a highlight from him today. This should be a close finish.

HOT: Stafford, Megatron, Lynch, Rice, Seahawks Def

COLD: Pettigrew

RISK: LeShoure, T. Young, R. Wilson, All other SEA WR’s

SLEEPER: R. Broyles



SAINT LOUIS       13

It’s going to be a football weather kind of day at Wembley stadium in London. 50% chance of showers, winds at 12 mph, overcast and cold. Jeff Fisher continues to prove his worth for this lowly Rams team. They can beat anyone with the right gameplan and a bit of luck, but they are simply not that talented and lack experience on both sides of the ball. For the Rams, I expect Bradford to see a lot of pressure from that NE front seven. His line continues to be one of the league’s worst in pass protection and Sam doesn’t get the job done enough with his receivers to keep a defense honest. Amendola may return today, which is ridiculous considering the nature of his clavicular injury. Upgrade the offense if he plays. Sjax seems to be losing touches consistently the last few weeks mucking up the backfield even more. He never had a consistent nose for the endzone so I’m simply downgrading the backfield entirely. People have been calling this an upset alert, but I simply do not see it happening. The Rams secondary has improved by leaps and bounds this year. This is the ultimate test for the Rams going against Tom Brady and the no-huddle. Hernandez is out. The Patriots won’t really miss him though. B. Lloyd plays his old team so he may be a little extra motivated. The Pats backfield has a bit of a question mark in terms of who is getting the ball. Ridley should be your guy as long as he doesn’t fumble. Belichick has no tolerance for fumbles. The Pats will not explode all over the Rams today but they will get the win and it will not be close as the Pats defense stuffs the Rams.

HOT: Brady, Welker, Gronk, Ridley

COLD: Bradford, Rams backfield, Rams Def

RISK: Gibson

SLEEPER: B. Lloyd, Pats Def


MIAMI          17

NY JETS     16

Weather is going to be an issue in this game as well. The Jets are struggling and they don’t have a good history with the Dolphins recently, both on and off the field. Expect an upset. The Jets defense is not good against the run but they are improving. They are decent against the pass even without Revis. Bart Scott is not playing today, however, so I expect the Dolphins to win this one on the ground. Upgrade Bush, with Tannehill continuing to improve each week. He won’t score you a bunch of points today but he is becoming startable material based on the matchup in two-QB leagues. Miami’s defense has sleeper status written all over it.  For the Jets, their offensive woes will continue. Miami is very strong against the run and not good against the pass. Will Sanchez envelop the role of Jeckyl or Hyde this week? He is so terrible. Ugh. He seems to like Kerley and Keller, so have them on your shortlist. As for Shonne Greene, one of the most annoying backs in the league, you can expect him to do nothing against that front four. Can he sneak in for a 1 yard TD? Sure. But he isn’t going to light it up. He shouldn’t be on your team. None of the Jets should other than in a reserve role. And you thought Testaverde and Coles was annoying…

HOT: R. Bush, Miami Def

COLD: Sanchez, Greene,

RISK: Tannehill, Hartline, Jets D

SLEEPER: Fasano, D. Keller, J. Kerley


ATLANTA                27


This game is going to have rain and wind throughout. Temper expectations. This is not going to be a pretty game for either team I am afraid. Andy Reid is 13-0 all time coming off the bye week. If he loses today, he will be hounded even more by the press. As much as I want to say the Falcons extend their streak and Reid loses for the first time post-bye as an Eagle…it ain’t happening. Vick and co get it together and come out with a win. I like both WR’s in this game and Celek to move the chains. I do not expect too much from Lesean but he could sneak one in. The Falcons defense is not amazing and surely not bad, but they don’t hold Vick in check today as much as you would think. Matt Ryan knows there are plenty of things to fix on his undefeated team. The only question is did they improve on any of them? I like Ryan to do some things against one of the better secondaries in the league. With a new DC in Philly, this is going to be a great test for them. I like Roddy to move the chains and Julio to grab maybe even two scores. Gonzalez continues his amazing career with solid outing and maybe a TD. Turner isn’t really the Burner anymore, and against this tough Philly D I don’t see him doing much at all. Find a better option this week.

HOT: Ryan, Roddy, Julio, Gonzo, Vick, Maclin, D. Jackson

COLD: Turner, ATL Def

RISK: McCoy, PHI Def

SLEEPER: Celek, Douglas


WASHINGTON        24

PITTSBURGH          23

RGIII continues to look unstoppable. Even without a true #1 in Garcon, the guy is making it work. It sure has been a ton of fun to watch. Albert Morris should be commended for his fantasy consistency this year. The offense is finding ways to get points on the board and it starts with Griffin. Fred Davis is out for the year and Cooley is back in the mix. His knees remain in question. This aging Steeler defense won’t keep up with the speedy rookie today and as a result, questions will start to reign down in the steel city after this game. For the Steelers, Big Ben continues to make plays, just not enough of them. Mike Wallace has a terrible game last week so expect him to bounce back against that horrible Washington secondary. Antonio Brown continues to rack up the looks and yardage. He will have a few highlights today considering the lack of talent in Washington. He’s a mismatch for them. I expect a TD from him, possibly two. Jonathan Dwyer is the man stepping up in the backfield but this not a rushing game I like this year. Between the offensive line, the weekly gameplan to air it out more, and the talent, I just don’t want any of that mess. Heath Miller continues to find a TD almost every week so he is a must start as well. In the end, Pitt just doesn’t get it done as the Skins get a well-dserved win. Polamalu makes all the difference in the world.

HOT: RGIII, Morris, Big Ben, A. Brown, Wallace, Miller,

COLD: Redskins D, Steelers D

RISK: Dwyer, Cooley




GREEN BAY           42

This is not going to be a close game. Jacksonville has no offense to speak of, their star RB is out for an unknown amount of time (and maybe for the year), they have the worst starting QB in the league, no WR’s stepping up, and a defense that can only do so much considering how much they are on the field. Rough times in Jacksonville but they’re used to it. For the Packers, expect them to be clicking on all cylinders even without Jordy if he cant go. I expect a big day from all Packers as I feel Rodgers will spread the ball around. Alex Green is getting the carries and McCarthy had some motivating words for him earlier in the week, so expect Green to answer today. He will score a TD, albeit in garbage time.

HOT: Rodgers, Jordy, Cobb, J. Jones, A. Green

COLD: J. Finley, Gabbert, Jax WR’s, Jax Def

RISK: Anyone wearing a Jacksonville jersey

SLEEPER: R. Jennings, GB Def



TENNESSEE        28

Luck continues his excellent rookie season against one of the worst defenses in the league. Look for Wayne to make some serious noise and maybe a little T.Y. Hilton or Avery to mix it up with a score as well. We are still waiting on Fleener as well so maybe today is his day. Don’t rule out any Colts. Still no news on if D. Brown is going to return from his knee scope so we have Vick Ballard in there against a bad run defense that is only going to get worse with their LB injuries. Hasselbeck makes another start and likely makes some noise at home against a porous Indy secondary. CJ2Bust does have another huge game. Sell high if you have him, his schedule gets harder and I don’t see him carrying his success over against real defenses not named the Titans or the Bills. Look for everyone to have some fantasy fun in what is shaping up to be a game that is NOT about defense. Fantasy points abound.

HOT: Luck, Wayne, Hasselbeck, CJ2STAIN, Washington, Britt,


RISK: Cook, Fleener, Hilton, Ballard

SLEEPER: Avery, Wright


OAKLAND           20


This is not going to be a pretty game. Both teams are absolutely desperate for a win. Oakland’s defense just isn’t good, and Kansas City’s is on paper, but in reality they are equally as awful. Downgrade everyone on the KC side except for the run game, which gets a slight upgrade in terms of consistency with Hillis back in the mix. For Oakland, we’ve been waiting on Palmer all year to get it going. Maybe today is his day with DHB or Jacoby catching some balls in the endzone. McFadden has to get it going sometime this year, right? Today is the day let’s hope. They’re still tweaking their run game by installing more power running packages to aide McFadden. I think he just needs a bad defense to jumpstart his talents. Sorry I don’t have more to say on this game, but there’s not much to talk about.

HOT: Charles, DMac

COLD: Quinn #gross, KC Def, OAK Def

RISK: Bowe, DHB, Ford

SLEEPER: Hillis, Palmer, B. Myers


NY GIANTS       24

DALLAS             29

The Cowboys need a big win badly. They have a great record against the men in blue in recent years and Romo should have a big game. I have him scoring more points than Matt Ryan this week if that says anything. Week to week you just never know with Dez. Miles should take advantage of the G-men’s secondary. Witten needs to get his game together and I’m hoping this is his bounceback game. Felix Jones is just not a good rb. He’s injury prone, inconsistent, and not good between the tackles. He’s simply not an all-around back and therefore a fantasy risk every week. The clown I’m playing this week has him starting and benched Doug Martin. I’m still laughing at his ignorance. Glad he doesn’t know about this blog. The Dallas Def will hold their own, pick up a few sacks, an interception, and help to win the game for the Cowboys. For the Giants, Eli should have another strong outing against a solid defense from top to bottom. I believe he has proved what he is capable of and he and Coughlin should never be underestimated. Bradshaw seems very questionable with his chronic foot issues so if he doesn’t go, Andre Brown is decent start every week with how well this offensive line is playing. Victor Cruz is having a huge season and is always capable of breaking off a big play. He’s going to be a star and he’s proven last year was no fluke with his play through week 7. He is so impressive. Nicks says he is better than last week with his injuries, so we shall see what he is made of today at 4. He’s due for a score. Giants Defense does not seem attractive to me this week. They will put pressure on Romo, force him from the pocket, and then he will light them up. This should be an excellent game, per usual.

HOT: Romo, Miles, Manning, Cruz

COLD: Felix, NYG Def

RISK: Dez, Witten, Bradshaw (limited carries if he plays)

SLEEPER: Nicks, A. Brown, DAL Def

The irony in this photo is priceless. As fantasy footballers we always expect our players to perform to the fantasy stats of last year; only this year it must better. Last year Calvin posted a 96/1681/16 regular season stat line. One of the best seasons ever. This season? Well CJ’s visor says it all: Covered.

This has been a rough season for Megatron owners. I should know, I am one of them. We paid a high draft pick for 592 yards and 1 TD through 6 games. The schedule isn’t getting easier, the Lions aren’t winning, and Matt Stafford is still playing more like Matt Leinart. I’m not sure there is a more frustrating team right. Cursed. Possessed. Eternal losers of the Motor City. The hopes and dreams that continued from last year’s playoff loss have quickly been dashed as the 2-4 Lions remain stuck in their rut.  Let’s take a look at why Johnson isn’t having a more productive season.

We’re going to just get this out of the way right now. Drops. Not sure why CJ’s bigfoot hands are not consistent this year but when Stafford isn’t throwing like a Pop Warner 4th grader noodle-armed QB, Johnson is having a hard time coming up with the ball. It’s been painful to see and it’s going to continue. That drop across the middle in Monday night’s game was gross. It was his first target and he would have been gone for the TD. But instead, he dropped it. This isn’t going to change. Expect it all season. He’s currently tied for 12th with 4 dropped passes, but he also makes other catches most wideouts can’t. He isn’t doing that with ease through 6 games. I’ve watched him closely this season, he’s got way more than four official drops. It’s not all on Stafford.

Titus Young has been injured, and now Burleson is done for the year. Inconsistencies with the receivers have hurt Johnson’s ability to get more one-on-one coverage. No other threats exist due to dropped passes, injuries, lack of chemistry or lack of talent. Megatron was essentially all they had BEFORE Nate got hurt. His injury will only worsen CJ’s end of the year stats. I know, it’s depressing. Until Pettigrew learns how to stop dropping the ball, Titus Young keeps his head in the game, and rookie 2nd rounder Ryan Broyles develops some comfort and some chemistry with Stafford, its going to be a long haul for our lovable 6’5″ 235 lb teddy bear.

Don’t even THINK about blaming the line. Click and learn here: Proof is in the pudding.

The defenses haven’t been allowing Stafford’s toy much room. He has been most successful in the slot because defenses have been blanketing him with a corner and safety so often that it is stunting the offense. It’s become a problem as the Lions run game is inept and there’s no consistent receiving threat outside of our guy.

And finally, Matthew Stafford. Year 1: 10 games, injured, done. Year 2: 3 games, injured, done. Year 3: Healthy, 5,000+ yards, 41/16 line. Season 4: 1700+, 5 TD’s, 6 INT’s. In his 4 seasons, when he’s played hurt, he’s been noticeably less effective. He came up lame a few games with a strained hammy near his glute that nagged him but he claims to be over it. His line play as proven above is top 5 in the league. He has time. He has protection. He is inaccurate, his throws are hurried at times, his mechanics are poor, his decisions are questionable, his spirals are hardly spirals at all and he is playing like a rookie. No one knows why Matt is playing the way he is. Remember Rivers last year? Was he hurt? Contract? Personal life? We may never know, but what I do know is that this isn’t going to change. They’ve already had their bye week, and they came out flat. Stafford’s QB rating by quarter:

  • 1st  46.8
  • 2nd 61.4
  • 3rd  79.6
  • 4th 100.2

So there you have it, all these stats and numbers to say that Stafford is a slow starter. You’re welcome. Unless Matt gets his act together, expect CJ to continue to post solid yardage and minimal TD’s. And expect the Lions to keep losing as well. This is Stafford’s team and they live and die with his success.

So, after reading this, there isn’t much of a case for the league’s best wide receiver, is there? If you get the right offer for a trade, well, that’s on you. Just remember, his value has never been so low and you still own the biggest football freak/physical specimen we have ever seen at the wide receiver position. So sell low or be patient are your only two options because you simply have to start him. He’s still Megaton. Patience grasshopper.

He’s only going to be as good as his quarterback. As soon as the Lions adjust their schemes, find ways to get their playmaker the ball, put points on the board, and start beating defenses circa 2011, our All-Pro will help you win games. Expect things to smoothen out whenever these two connect for their first TD pass of the year. I’m just hoping its sooner than later.



As of today, I am officially labeling Jim Harbaugh as a media prostitute. He’s always been a bit off and as a former NFL quarterback, he likely got concussed a dozen times too many. His behavior during games, after games, and addressing the media is part psycho/part clown/part traumatic brain injury.

1.) He screwed up last year when he beat the Lions and slapped HC Jim Schwartz’s hand postgame and then didn’t admit any wrongdoing until it was too late. #Cocky

2.) He blew off comments by NYG OC Kevin Gilbride earlier this season regarding 49er DE Justin Smith and his tactics in penetrating offensive lines. Smith isn’t a dirty player but he was pushing the rules and everyone knows it. Harbaugh claimed Smith is always clean and that this was simply a ploy by the Giants to tip the officiating scales in the Giants favor leading up to their matchup that weekend. #BadLiar

3.) Following last Thursday nights game against the Seahawks in San Fran, Harbaugh took the time out of his….crazy day….to complain about how the Seahawks secondary was pushing the rules of physicality on his receivers. Basically, he didn’t like how rough the corners and safeties were with his wideouts. And yes, they were quite physical. This is also football. Harbaugh said he planned on taking this issue up with the league. #TattleTale

Seattle’s HC Pete Carroll implied via radio show that Jim doesn’t need to be so public with everything. Basically saying “Hey Jim, shut your mouth, stop dicking around with the media, and just play some football.” A Seattle player referred to him as ‘obnoxious‘.  Harbaugh looks like a hypocrite. No, he doesn’t care what you think. But he is hurting his image with his erratic and illogical behavior. I’m tired of reading about you Jim. Your offense is boring, your QB blows, and you are crazypants. Stop it.

I wonder if his pacifier is red and gold or just pink?


Another wild weekend in the books. My record for the winning picks for the week  = 11-2. Like my blog says…”look no further”. Read on to see how accurate some of my predictions for the weeks have been. Help me help you by getting the word out. This is free fantasy gold right here and it’s going to make your team suck less. Period!


Welcome back to another edition of fantasy goodness. This week we’re going to be focusing on digging a bit deeper for those valuable points due to the ugly bye week. Chances are you’ve been affected: Falcons, Eagles, Dolphins, Broncos, Chargers, and Chiefs are off this week. I’m one practice injury or ‘no-go’ away from being completely screwed Sunday. You take risks in this game if you want to win. Most of the time they pay off if you’re playing your cards right. We are taking risks in week 7. Buckle up.


SEATTLE                 10

This is going to be a battle of the defenses. Neither offense is predictably and consistently fantasy friendly, making this a tough game to call from a fantasy perspective. Seattle’s defense is getting stronger with each season/game, and we all know how the 49ers defense rolls. Start both, SF w/ confidence, and SEA if you have no one else or are suffering from the bye week blues. Both D’s are top 9 in points allowed to QB’s, WR’s, and RB’s (1 and 2 to RB’s). I don’t feel good about any offensive players. Joe Staley, the SF LT sustained a concussion on Sunday and has to be pretty questionable on a short week. If he doesn’t go, mark the Hawks D up a notch. Manningham and Jacobs are questionable as well. Smith had a 3 int game on Sunday and looked like his old self at times. It doesn’t take much to start worrying about Smith and his antics. Smith threw for 303 yds/0 tds/0 ints last year in two games. Rookie QB Russell Wilson has had an incredible season knocking off the likes of Romo, Rodgers, Newton, and Brady. At home he has 6 tds and no ints. On the road he is 2/6. Big difference but expected for most 2nd tier qb’s and rookies. Gore scored once last year against SEA, not much yardage, expect the same. Skittles/Beastmode/Lynch was the first to notch a rushing TD last year against SF…in WEEK 16. Crazy stuff. Before last week Skittles had eclipsed 85 rush yds/game. Expect him to get right around that again. No standout receivers for either team this week. This is the NEW AFC North people. Get used to it. All 4 defenses are seemingly legit on the ground and through the air. This will be a hard-hitting, low-scoring affair. #Snore

HOT: 49er D

NOT: Wilson, SEA WR’s, 49er WR’s

TOSSUP: Lynch, SEA D, A. Smith, Gore, V. Davis

SLEEPER: Randy Moss will be you guy against a physical secondary, especially if Manningham is held out


BUFFALO         37

Shootout eminent. People we are talking about two of the worst defenses from top to bottom. The only difference is that Buffalo was supposed to be GOOD. I’m going against peers, experts, ESPN, and whomever else is hating on this game: it’s going to be a fantasy explosion. I’ve got FIVE guys starting in my money league (not all by choice – thank you bye weeks scheduler). A home game couldn’t have been more appropriate for the Bills after playing two NFC West opponents in the 49ers and Cardinals. Fitzpatrick will get it together, and by together, I mean scoring you some fantasy points. The Titans defense has been like Santa: giving. Ground. Air. Heck, maybe even special teams. This is a defense that just simply doesn’t have it together. They could be singing a different tune by seasons end but for right now, this is going to be a shootout. The CJ Spiller show is going to have to wait until Coach Gailey either makes an executive decision on carries or Fred Jackson gets hurt again. Until then, this is a two-series per player 50/50 committee. Spiller is between the 20’s, Fjax does the rest. Most weeks, this is a fantasy nightmare. But this week, I expect both to get some love. You’ve got screens, a lack of viable receivers, a busted up but still above average O-line, and a shoddy Titans defense. On the other side of the field, we’ve got Matt Hasselbeck. Ahhhh. My league renamed this guy Matt Hasselstain years ago, but even THiS guy is going to have a fantastic Sunday. The critics are hating on this porous  Titans offense through six weeks, and notably so. But this will simply not be the tune by seasons end. The O-line has a lot of talent that they are not exemplifying right now and they simply have got to get it together. They will. Maybe this is the week. With Locker out again, the continuity takes a big sucker-punch to the jaw. However, the Titans are loaded from a talent standpoint. Give it time, give it a healthy Locker, some consistency, and you’ll see that this is a fresh, young offense capable of fantasy magic. The Titans receivers are a crapshoot. The Bills are second worst against the TE. Jared Cook is an excellent bye-week fillin. CJ2FAIL knows the fantasy community is beyond fed up. He smells blood this week. The man hasn’t scored since Week 13 of last year. Against the Bills IN Buffalo. Heard enough? Here’s more: 153 yards and two TD’s. Play him. Mario Williams isn’t a bust, he’s drawing double teams for his name alone, but he is not getting it done for what he is getting paid and the front office knows it. This is going to be a high scoring game where the Bills playing at home is the only thing that keeps it close. Laugh now….just wait.

Hot: Hasselbeck, CJ2AWFUL, J. Cook, Fitzpatrick, S. Johnson, Spiller

Not: Both Defenses

Tossup: N. Washington, K. Wright, K. Britt, F. Jackson

Sleeper: S. Chandler

CLEVELAND         23


This is going to be another potential high-scoring contest. Both defenses have major holes and have proven they cannot get it done through 7 weeks. For the Colts, this is a passing offense. The defense is simply not good, as it hasn’t been in the past, and for Andrew Luck to keep the game close, he’s going to have to air it out. D. Brown is out, leaving Vick Ballard to carry the load. Who is that? Yeah, exactly. The Browns defense is slighty underrated, and honestly, if the best you can do in a major bye week is Ballard…well, you deserve it. Wayne is going to be covered by the up-and-coming Joe Haden, who is coming off a 4 game suspension. Last week Haden gave up a huge game, including 2 TD’s to AJ Green. He got fatigued due to his 4 game suspension and the Ginger Felon and AJ capitalized. Wayne will get his looks, and is a must start every week regardless. For the Browns, Weeden has shown the poise you would expect from a 29 year-old. He’s done well, he’s admitted to mistakes, and he’s taking on a crummy defense that hasn’t proven anything this season. Bad news? Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis, who are now both playing OLB, might both be back and healthy. We shall see how this goes, but this may be the determining factor. T. Richardson is also huge here. He’s wearing a flak jacket to protect his rib cartilage injury, and it remains to be seen whether he can handle a full load. I do not recommend starting either one of the backups at RB.  Josh Gordon is a legit threat to score in his third straight game. Weeden has an arm and needs someone to throw to until Greg Little can show his team that he is able to make plays, catch the balls, and just play receiver in general. This is going to be an interesting game with not much defense, a lot of passes, and a possible T-Rich rushing explosion. Fantasy points abound. Luck stats at home.

HOT: Luck, Wayne, Weeden, Richardson

NOT: Both Defenses

SLEEPER: Gordon, Avery



HOUSTON       31

The Ravens became a different team overnight due to the major injuries they experienced last week. With Ladarius Webb and the ageless Ray Lewis out for the year this defense has taken a huge shot. Add Ngata with an MCL injury to the mix (limited this week’s game) and you’ve got a defense that has lost its biggest disruptor on all three levels of the defense. Huge impact. Expect the Ravens D to go from top 5 to average at best for the rest of the season. What does this mean? More Flacco, that’s what. Flacco is Jeckyl-Hyde in home vs away matchups. They will be playing catch-up. Ray Rice will at times this season be eliminated from the run game and will be catching dump-off passes more often than not. I’m not downgrading the Ravens offense just yet, just be aware that things are going to be different and it remains to be seen how head coach Harbaugh is going to adjust. Against a Texans defense that was unstoppable until the week 6 injury to LB Cushing, this game is going to tell us a lot about the two top teams fighting for homefield advantage in the AFC. The Texans are also reeling and I expect this to be a higher scoring game than what Vegas is expecting. Schaub is a glorified Alex Smith in terms of managing the game. You ask him to do too much and he usually falters. The Texans O-line is not playing at as high of a level as you may think and Arian Foster’s productivity has been a direct result of this. He’s obviously a must-start but his ypc avg is down and Tate is now healthy. Andre Johnson is an afterthought until proven otherwise. TE Owen Daniels is hot and its pretty obvious that if AJ isn’t open then Daniels is Schaubs second look.

HOT: Flacco, Rice, Foster, T. Smith

NOT: Both Defenses

TOSSUP: Schaub, A. Johnson, O. Daniels, Boldin

SLEEPER: Jacoby Jones, Pitta


ST. LOUIS      10

Green Bay showed some life in Houston and we are left to wonder whether that was due to Cushing’s injury or if Rodgers has found his groove. He will be without Jennings yet again this week. Randall Cobb looked like a future gamer for the Pack and Jordy will once again be the guy to cover. Finley continues to be a disappointment and the run game is shaky at this point. The Rams have been surprisingly stout this year in not giving up big plays, points, pretty much everything. While Rodgers looked like a fantasy robot on Sunday throwing for a team-record 6 TDs against Houston, we need to be convinced the Pack is back. I do not think they are. Expect a close game with the Rams playing at home, Fisher’s gameplan, and a concerted effort by the Rams to run the ball and keep GB off the field. For Bradford, his struggles may continue. You can expect Dom Capers GB defense to bring the house against a dismal offensive line. The Rams will find a way to keep it close, but from a fantasy perspective, it is not a good idea to bank on a lot of points for your team, regardless of side.

WARM: Rodgers, Nelson, J. Jones

NOT: Finley, Alex Green

TOSSUP: Rams run game

SLEEPER: Cobb, B. Gibson, Pack DEF



TAMPA BAY           24

I doubt the Saints have done much in their bye week to revamp their wretched defense. Vilma is back but he is somewhat raw and will only be playing in certain packages. TB’s gameplan this week is to run the ball and keep Brees off the field. This may work in the 1st quarter, but from there it remains to be seen. Martin and Blount will bring it against a swiss cheese front 7, but despite their impressive run blocking, they haven’t made much noise. Freeman had an impressive game last week and if this turns into a shootout, he’s going to thrive. Vjax is a must-start and M. Williams is the most intriguing FA out there this week. For the Saints, Brees has struggled more against the Bucs than any other team he’s played in his career. Colston is getting healthier and had a hot two games before his bye. Expect more of the same, but as always we don’t know who’s going to get the love. This may be the easiest week for you, as Jimmy Graham is out. Upgrade Lance Moore, Colston, and maybe even Devery.

HOT: Brees, Colston, Freeman, Vjax

COLD: Saints RBs, Saints Def

TOSSUP: Martin & Blount, Bucs Def

SLEEPER: M. Williams, L. Moore, D. Henderson


DALLAS          31


The Cowboys need a win badly. They are under the media microscope the most only behind the NY teams. This is a great opportunity, albeit on the road, against a crummy defense that just got worse due to injuries to starters Gamble and Beason. Romo has been slightly above average this season. Personally, he’s been dull, showed little spunk, and has made a few decisions a high school quarterback arguably would never make. Dez is coming off a 2 td game and has supplanted Miles as the go to receiver recently. Both are must-starts against this Panther D. Felix Jones has never gotten the job done week in and week out, so don’t expect anything different. He may break a long one or he may end up getting into the endzone but this guy has never reached the level comparable to where he got drafted. Witten continues to be a big fat question mark this season. That splenic injury really did him in I think, initially physically and down the road mentally. Dallas defense is not the greatest fantasy point producer but they are top twelve against the run and the pass. For Cam and co. they spent the off-week trying to find a groove. Cam’s sophomore slump is going to be tough to get out of this week.  Expect him to shake it up with some deep passes and a few long runs as the Panthers try to get back to what they did last year that made Cam so tough to beat. Steve Smith WILL score this week. It’s quite simply a priority and the Panthers spent that downtime trying to get Cam and Smith on the same page. Zero TD’s going into the bye is simply unacceptable. The backfield committee continues to stain fantasy teams across the globe and this game will be no different. LaFell is also growing into his own and may get some love as well. This should be a great game to watch and fantasy points will be gotten here.

HOT: Romo, Bryant, Austin, Cam, S. Smith, Dallas Def

NOT: Carolina Def, Olsen

TOSSUP: Witten, F. Jones, Stewart, D. Williams



ARIZONA           6


This is going to be a rough game for Arizona. Not only are they starting the worst offensive line in football, but Skelton is in for a broken Kolb and he is not 100% healthy from that ankle injury suffered early in the season. This team has no running game to speak of. Fitzgerald is the lone bright spot, and he won’t do much Sunday against the Vikings. Skelton and Larry don’t have much chemistry this season and have been average in the past considering Fitz is one of the best in the game. The stats are not there.  Bench everyone. I’ve got the Vikings Def coming in at #2 this week. They’re sneaky and on a lot of teams out there so pick them up if you can. Look for Ponder to right the ship this week and get back into a groove. Percy was underutilized last week in Washington and they paid dearly for it. He will make a lot of noise this week as the Vikings get back to their roots. Jerome Simpson may be active as well. Rudolph continues to be a TD machine and is reaching ‘must-start despite matchup status’. AP also looks to get into the endzone for the first time in 5 games. The Cardinals defense is damn good. But they are going to be on the field so much for this game that if the game is close late into the second half, expect and aerial and ground assault as the Cards def simply wears down from fatigue. Add that Metrodome crowd to the mix and you’ve got a blowout.

HOT: Ponder, AP, Harvin, Rudolph, Vikings Def

NOT: Skelton, AZ backfield, Fitzgerald, A. Roberts


SLEEPER: Simpson


NEW YORK G          31

This is going to be a great game from beginning to end. RG III is quickly silencing any critics and becoming the new face of the NFL. Yes, maybe a bit premature, but name one thing this guy is doing wrong. Taking too many hits? Maybe, but he’s still showing leadership every single play and managing the game correctly. He’s simply not doing much of anything wrong. He’s accurate, he’s lighting-fast, he hangs in the pocket unless it’s time to run, he’s not hurried, he’s calculated and he can make a big play every time the ball is snapped. Basically, he scares the piss out of any defense he plays. Sunday will be no different. The Redskins receivers suck, but each week someone is stepping it up. With Garcon still out, they lack the true #1 threat and it makes it difficult to spread the field. A. Morris continues to shine in Shanahanigans system and he is officially in “must-start despite matchup” mode. If you’ve got him, don’t trade him unless the price is VERY right. Redskins will put up points against a crummy Giants secondary. Coughlin is a mastermind at his craft but he left it on the field twice last year as the Skins got their number. Now they have RGIII. All of this is huge, but Eli and co. still find a way to get it done this time in the Big Apple. Eli will bring in some points against a shoddy Washington secondary. Bradshaw is questionable with those foot issues, so A. Brown could be in the mix for some carries. Stay tuned Sunday morning to find out more. Cruz is a must start, Nicks needs to get back in his groove but he seems so hampered by injury I’m starting to wonder if this is going to become chronic. M. Bennett has been quiet starting week 4, so look for him to possibly get involved against a Orakpo-less LB corp. This is going to be the kind of NFL game you want to see every Sunday.

HOT: Manning, Cruz, RGIII, A. Morris

NOT: Wash Def,

TOSSUP: Bradshaw (inj), Nicks (inj), M. Bennett,

SLEEPER: Giants Def, Wash WR’s, F. Davis, D. Hixon


OAKLAND                24

These two teams just aren’t very good. Gabbert is the worst starter in the NFL. Blackmon has yet to get anything going this year mainly due to his QB. MJD took the offseason to complain about getting a new contract that has hurt him and his team as he tries to get back into game-shape, not physical-shape. For the Raiders, Palmer is the answer and you’re going to see it the second half of the season with a cakewalk schedule. His problem is not much continuity with his wideouts due mainly to injury and lack of talent. Denarius Moore is showing some signs of life while DHB didn’t register a catch last week after suffering a brutal hit to the head two weeks prior to that. Let’s hope the Raiders can get something going in that backfield. Jaguars Def isn’t as crummy as you may think and they show flashes of top-10 potential at times. But I believe McFadden finally gels at home with that zone-blocking.

HOT: Palmer, McFadden, D. Moore, MJD

NOT: Gabbert

TOSSUP: DHB, M. Lewis, JAX Def, OAK Def

SLEEPER: B. Myers, Blackmon



NEW ENGLAND       38

This isn’t going to be a game. Just look at the Vegas line. Expect all Patriots to be in the mix Sunday. The Jets are horrible against the run and above average against the pass. However, playing Brady at home is a different animal altogether. The Patriots defense is quietly becoming the defense of last year: poor. They’re giving up yards, the secondary looks lost at times, and they look to be digressing. Today will be a good test for them. Sanchez is unpredictable. You simply do not know if he is going to explode for your team or get you negative points for int’s. I continue to advise you to not have any Jets on your team. Garbage points are almost obvious, and I like Keller to be a sneaky play this week. For the Patriots, Brady is going to have a superb game against one of his rivals. Upgrade all TE’s and WR’s this week, and Ridley is likely to have a huge game 2nd half when the game should be out of hand. Brandon Lloyd will be covered by Cromartie most of the day, but Brady will throw to him.

HOT: Brady, Ridley, Welker, Gronk, Hernandez

NOT: S. Greene, Jets Def

TOSSUP: Lloyd, Pats Def, Sanchez



PITTSBURGH        28

CINCINNATI          23

Gone are the days of defensive struggles in the AFC North resulting in a 9-3 score. Pitt is 0-3 on the road this year and the Bengals have lost their last two against the Browns and Dolphins. Something has to give. Expect this to be a great game that will remain close with lots of points. Rothy’s ankle sounds fine for Sunday and he should have a good game. Wallace and Brown should thrive in the night game, as well as Heath Miller sneaking his way into the endzone yet again this season. The Steelers aren’t going to have much of a run game with Mendy and Redman out. Here’s to hoping that Antonio Brown gets in the endzone this week. He’s overdue. For the Bengals, your favorite Ginger Dalton continues to impress in his second season. AJ Green looks absolutely unstoppable and the Bengals have some sneaky, young players as well. BJGE must get his mojo back because they are counting on him.

HOT: Rothy, Wallace, A. Brown, H. Miller, Dalton, AJ Green

NOT: CIN Def, PIT backfield, PIT Def


SLEEPER: A. Hawkins


DETROIT        23

CHICAGO     27

Stafford has got to get his act together. He has yet to connect with Calvin Johnson in the endzone. You read that right. Yes, it is week 7. We’ve had enough, Matthew, quit screwing around, fix your mechanics, and get the ball down the field. The o-line is effective, LeShoure is not a solid option, and the wideouts are talented. No more excuses. The defense is playing well, but the secondary remains a problem. I want Stafford to finally get it going in the Windy City but it’s unlikely to happen with that stingy defense. Cutler is going to be feeling the pressure with his o-line, but there is some chemistry brewing with those five and tonight will be a great test of what to expect the rest of the season. Cutler rarely has three solid outings, so if history means anything to you then you should temper your expectations. Forte should have a great game in terms of yards, he’s just always iffy to score a TD. Bush may vulture one inside the 10. Alshon Jefferey is out leaving Marshall as the man to stop against a poor secondary. He should have a strong game if he brings his endzone stickum with him. The Bears D is just a force this season and can make a play at the drop of a hat. This one could go either way, and even Vegas is looking a bit confused on what to expect. Regardless of what happens, it should be a fun, close game.

HOT: Stafford, Megatron, Forte, B. Marshall, Bears Def

NOT: Pettigrew, Lions Def, 

TOSSUP: T. Young, M. Bush

SLEEPER: Burleson


And what a wild week that was. The week started off in epic fashion with the Titans upsetting the Steelers in Nashville. Um, yeah, not a lot of experts saw that one coming, hence the lofty fantasy predictions for the Steelers offense. The week continued with an absolute mauling of the 49ers at home to the Giants. Coughlin really is the man. The week ended with one of the most impressive second half comebacks in recent memory with the Peyton Manning-led Broncos scoring an amazing 35 points in the second half after being shutout in the first 30 minutes. 

Record last week was 8-5 (Thursday night game excluded). I’m pretty pleased with the week considering how wild the games were. It was easily the toughest week for predictions. This week should be a shy bit easier. For the year I am 54-37. That number needs to go up despite being in the 91st percentile in one fantasy website tourney. That’s 59% in terms of picking the winner. Let’s get on to week 7!